Angelika Voss-Quinn, PT

Licensed Physical Therapist
Polestar® Certified in Pilates for Rehabilitation

Angelika added Pilates to her physical therapy background in 2002. She completed her Pilates certification with Polestar Education under Sherri Betz. Since then she has worked in her own Pilates Studio helping her clients achieve their physical potential. Angelika will  design a program for you to help you achieve your objectives whether it is to recover from an injury, improve your fitness level, enhance your golf game, or transform your body. Angelika expanded her Pilates repertoire by completing the Pilates for Golf program becoming a Pilates for Golf instructor.

Angelika is the co-owner of Livermore Physical Therapy with her husband Peter, and a licensed Physical Therapist since 1981.

Angelika is available for physical therapy appointments by contacting Livermore Physical Therapy directly at 925-443-9030.